April 18, 2019

Meet the Amazing Amazia!

by xcellentatl in Leadership, Success, Team

Here at Xcellent ATL, we are grateful to work with such an incredible team of leaders. One of those leaders is Amazia Shelby, an account manager in the Xcellent ATL office. A born Mississippian, Amazia spent many of her childhood years right here Georgia, which is why it is no surprise that she ended up with us in Atlanta- the heart of Georgia. As a kid, the businesswoman was social and outgoing, athletic, intelligent, and kind-hearted. “I ran track, played soccer, joined a stepping team, and did ROTC for three years,” says Shelby, “those things helped me remember that even when you fall, you can get yourself back up and become stronger than before. If you didn’t fail, you would have nothing to learn or grow from. You have to remember that no one will do it for you. Either you can be the champion or someone else will, and there is always someone right behind you to take your place.”

With a competitive edge like that, it is no question to us how she ended up on our team. However, that journey was not so simple for Amazia. “I never thought I would be in this field,” says Shelby, “I honestly never wanted to do sales, but when the opportunity came my way, I took it and ran with it because I knew this wasn’t something that comes every day. Terry and Monique showed me what this opportunity could do for me and how it could change my situation, so I took control of that chance.”

Amazia Shelby joined the team on March 11th, 2019 and has seen such growth since that day. “I was a little nervous when I first started because I knew everyone knew more than me,” says Shelby, “but I knew I wasn’t going to let that stop me from proving to myself that I could do anything I put my mind to. I quickly noticed that everyone treats each other like family. They welcomed me with open arms and helped me when I needed it.”

“The culture is amazing. They don’t judge you and the main goal is to develop you into something so much more. They want everyone to succeed and achieve their goals, but they also hold us accountable for the goals and motivate us to hit them. Being able to learn and grow with the team has been my best memory at the company. If I ever need help, they are all there to help me and any future entrepreneurs that come in.”

The stellar work ethic and iron positivity that Amazia brings into the office is not a new motion for her. When asked about a life-changing experience, the account manager shared, “having to grow up at a young age taught me that only you can achieve your goals, no one else will do it for you. If you want it, go get it.”

As for her goals with the company, Amazia knows what she wants. “I want to grow and develop myself into a stronger leader. I know I can do it.”