January 18, 2019

How to ace your next interview

by xcellentatl in Advice, Goals, Leadership

Hiring season is in full swing in the job market! With interviews, resume building, and different job positions to take into consideration, we thought we could help lighten the load of the stresses behind getting a job by giving you interview tips. Here at Xcellent ATL, we have bright-eyed candidates come in every day showcasing their abilities. We have seen some of the best interviewers right before our eyes so we would love to give you some pointers on how to impress us and get you one step closer to your end goal!



  • Do your research


It always amazes us when potential employees come through the door and are on the same page as us. From knowing the history of Xcellent ATL to our values and what we stand for, it makes a great impression and lasting memory. You can find information on our website, LinkedIn page, Facebook, and so many other social sites.



  • Prepare some questions


We love when interviewees come in with questions because it shows they are genuinely interested in the position and it opens the floor to anything we have missed. One question that will make you stand out is “Do you think that I am a potential match for this position, and do you have any reservations at this stage?” This will give you a voice and develop an openness between the company and you, the candidate. Not to mention, it will highlight your focus on personal development and give you peace of mind. Be confident in yourself and in the position you are applying for.



  • Plan your route in advance


Sometimes life just happens. Avoid being late or getting lost to the interview by planning your route and driving through it the day before. It will make you more aware of the area and will help take some nerves off before you start heading to the office for the official interview.



  • Plan for the weakness question


More often than not, companies ask “what is your weakness?” Be sure you give an honest weakness that does not tear you apart. Also, rebound your weakness with a solution! For example, your weakness can be “I’m not a morning person and sometimes I have a hard time getting the ball to roll. However, I’ve learned in order to get my day started I need to go to sleep a little bit earlier and wake up earlier to make a fresh cup of joe and some breakfast. It gives me an energy boost to start the day on the right foot.”



  • Send a thank you card


Within the week of your interview, preferably 1-2 days following your interview, send a card or email thanking the interviewer and company for their time. Not only did the company spend time reviewing your resume but they also took time out of their busy schedule to meet with you in person! Be sure in the thank you card to address the interviewer by name and add a few snippets from the interview in your card, showing the interview had a lasting memory on you. For example, you can say “I really appreciated getting to know about your experience with the company because it gave me a confidence boost in my abilities and truly gave me more clarity in what I want in my career.”

Above all, have confidence in yourself and go in ready to get the job! Interviews are the one time where you can brag about yourself and truly sell yourself to a company. Don’t hold back and shy away from your accomplishments! If you’re not going to talk about your achievements, no one will! You have made it this far in your career, and after the interview, you’ll only be one step closer. From all of us here at Xcellent ATL, we believe in you! Good luck in that interview.