We’ve heard it all before. You “don’t have time to read,” you “read too much in college,” you “read enough at work.” Well, we aren’t buying it. Here at Xcellent ATL, people constantly ask us, “how can I succeed in business?”, “how can I kickstart my career?,” “what am I doing wrong?” We have the solution. Success in business is about continuing education and constant refreshment. You simply cannot undermine the value of reading and absorbing educational content. However, we know it can be hard to find a place to start. In an effort to help, we have laid out the best business books for the busy millennial- that’s you. Start reading.



Boss-Ladies? This one is for you. Emily Chang, the host of Bloomberg Technology, dives into the world of Silicon Valley in her book. Notoriously run solely by men, Chang embarks on interviews and intensive research on the inner workings of this “boys clubs” and the future of women in technology. Without giving away the magic of this read, any women trying to make it in the professional world should give this one a try.

“Off the Clock”

For those of you who say you have no time to read, Xcellent ATL has found the perfect business book for you. Laura Vanderkam’s “Off the Clock” focuses on the struggle of time management between work and play. The cover says it all, “feel less busy while getting more done.” This is the perfect book for self-education, as well as self-bettering. Let’s be honest, we could all use help with time management.

“In Praise of Wasting Time”

This book contradicts everything we are taught to believe as millennials, in the best way possible. Alan Lightman’s book preaches the power of doing nothing. He contends that there is nothing more beneficial to the busy millennial than leaving sometime in the week or the day free. By filling every minute of every day with work, social plans, family time, or workouts, we have deprived ourselves of the power to freely think-to wonder.

“My Morning Routine”

With the rise of YouTube and “Morning Routine” videos, busy millennials have become obsessed with the idea of the perfect morning routine. The one that is the most time efficient, the most productive, while also being the most relaxing and enjoyable. This book, written by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander, explores various morning routines shared by different people- and which are most effective. Who knows, maybe this could be the book to perfect your morning routine.


Whether it is with one of these fun reads or another, we encourage you to take a moment from your day to read. Not only does it provide you with a mental break from the physical activity of your day, but we truly believe you should never stop learning. From all of us here at Xcellent ATL, we wish you the best of luck.